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February 1, 2016


One of the more challenging aspects to operating a business is developing partnerships with like-minded organizations for services that assist in the expansion of products and services offered to customers.  For many years, we were asked by customers to provide various types and sizes of weldments, to which we had to regrettably decline.  Although we have the capability to machine, we do not perform welding services within our organization.  After several years of searching and several more failed attempts with welding companies, we began to work with Bellamy Family Manufacturing.  Since that time, our search for welding services is no longer an issue of concern.  By partnering with Bellamy Family Manufacturing we have been able to grow our business with existing and new customers.  We appreciate the quality and service they provide and would recommend them to any organization searching for welding services.  We look forward to continued success together.


Victor Burkhart


BIC Precision Machine Co., Inc.

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